Kagoshima City Sightseeing “Machi Meguri Bus” One-day Pass (鹿児島市街地観光「まち巡りバス」【1日乗車券】)

Nakasatsuma Area Bus

Visit some of Kagoshima’s major sites, including many around Kagoshima Chuo Station, on these cute, specially designed buses named Segodon and Acchan. One full lap around the course (without stopping) takes about 60 minutes. There are 27 departures per day, departing roughly every 20 minutes between 8am and 6pm.

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県鹿児島市 鹿児島中央駅(出発地)
Telephone Number 099-247-2334(Kagoshima Kotsu Kagoshima Office *Japanese-speaking staff only)
Fee Single ride
Adult: 170 yen
Child: 90 yen

One-day Pass
Adult: 500 yen
Child: 250 yen
Notes Where to buy tickets
You can buy single-ride tickets or one-day passes on the bus, at Kagoshima Chuo Station Sightseeing Information Desk (East Exit) and at various hotels in Kagoshima City.

Popular stops
Visitors typically choose to alight at Kagoshima Chuo Station, the Saigo Takamori Statue, Shiroyama Observation Deck, Senganen, Ishibashi Memorial Park, Kagoshima City Aquarium and the Tenmonkan shopping district.


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