Kuroshio No Mori, Mangrove Park

  • Kuroshio No Mori, Mangrove Park1
Feel like a seaside explorer.
The virgin mangrove forest on Amamioshima Island is the northernmost place where there is an ecosystem of mangroves. Try touring on a canoe.
A canoe experience is \1,500 for 60 minutes

Kinsakubaru Virgin Forest

  • Kinsakubaru Virgin Forest1
Take a walk through a virgin forest
Many subtropical broadleaf trees thrive in this virgin forest. The beauty of the trails in the season of new green leaves is exceptional.

Cape Ayamaru

  • Cape Ayamaru1
Located in the northernmost part of Amami Oshima, Ayamaru Misaki Cape Park offers great views of the Pacific Ocean. Visit the lookout or the ocean-facing café to soak up the scenery. The cape is surrounded by nature, including a large coral reef just below the ocean’s surface and a subtropical jungle of sago palm trees.

In the large park area, there are plenty of places to explore and activities to enjoy. Check out the ocean water pool and sago palm jungle or enjoy a ride on a bicycle or miniature train. There is also an extensive children’s play park, grass skiing, ground golf and much more.

Amami Park

  • Amami Park1
Learn about Amami Islands at a glance
The theme park introduces the history, nature, and cultures of Amami. Works depicting Amami by the artist Isson Tanaka are exhibited (refer to the Reference Materials for details).

Tomori Beach

  • Tomori Beach1
Tomori Beach is one of the island’s top-class beaches. Its white sand and clear water are only 10 minutes’ drive north from the airport. Nicknamed the Blue Angel, the ocean is dark green and blue. The water is shallow, so it is a great place to swim and have fun with children. When the tide is going out, though, the current can become strong, so please be careful.

Honohoshi shore

  • Honohoshi shore1
The stones on this beautiful shore, which faces the Pacific Ocean, have become round from the waves repeatedly crashing over them. When the waves recede, these smooth stones rub together to create a unique sound much like a taiko drum.
The ocean has also created striking rock formations and caves, resulting in a scenic coastline. The stones give this shore its special sound so please refrain from taking any away.

Ohama Seaside Park

  • Ohama Seaside Park1
This beautiful park has a white sandy beach voted one of the top 100 beaches of Japan. The ocean is emerald green and the beach is full of crushed coral.
Facing west, the park offers breathtaking sunsets. It also has a promenade walkway, lookout deck and campground. It is popular for birdwatching and is of environmental importance; sea turtles come to lay their eggs on the beach each year.

Coral reefs and diving

  • Coral reefs and diving1
One of the world's largest coral reefs.
Oshima Strait is the place to dive. The sea in the south of the island boasts exceptional clarity. You can swim through the coral reefs surrounded by tropical fish.