Amami Park, Amamioshima Island

Learn about Amami Islands at a glance
The theme park introduces the history, nature and cultures of Amami. Works depicting Amami by the artist Isson Tanaka are exhibited (refer to the Reference Materials for details).

Kuroshio No Mori, Mangrove Park, Amamioshima Island

Feel like a seaside explorer.
The virgin mangrove forest in Amamioshima Island is in the northernmost place where there is an ecosystem of mangroves. Try touring on a canoe.
A canoe experience is \1,500 for 60 minutes

Kinsakubaru Virgin Forest, Amamioshima Island

Take a walk through a virgin forest
Many natural subtropical broadleaf trees survive in the virgin forest. The beauty of the trails in the season of new green leaves is exceptional.

Coral reefs and diving, Amamioshima Island

One of the world's largest coral reefs.
Oshima Strait is the place to dive. The sea in the south of the island boasts exceptional clarity. Swim through the coral reefs surrounded by tropical fish.