Space Exhibition Hall

  • Space Exhibition Hall1
Biggest rocket launch site in Japan
Japan's largest space development center, this is the base for launching satellites. The Space Exhibition Hall exhibits life-size replicas related to fields of space development and a variety of educational games (refer to the Reference Materials for details).

Teppokan(Firearms Museum)

  • Teppokan(Firearms Museum)1
The building was created in the image of a foreign vessel, which first brought firearms to Japan. There are approximately 8,000 documents, and 90 old fashioned firearms from home and abroad exhibited (refer to the Reference Materials for details).

Chikura No Iwaya Cave

  • Chikura No Iwaya Cave1
A wonderful cavern created by the hand of nature
The cave on the shores of Hamada Coast was carved out by the rough tides of the Pacific Ocean. It is said that it's capable of accom-modating up to 1,000 people inside and it only appears at low tide.
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    Transportation in Tanegashima