Attractions: so much to see and do in unique Kagoshima

Relaxation, adventure and experiences in stunning natural environments await you.



Relax in Onsen!

A hot spring kingdom with Japan's secondmost number of hot spring sources

Kagoshima boasts a variety of hot springs from north to south, among which Kirishima and Ibusuki are renowned hot spring destinations.

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Rare natural steam sand baths

Ibusuki City, where there is a geothermal power plant, is the one and only place in the world where you can experience natural steam sand baths heated by geothermal energy!

Sand Baths


Footbaths, a quick and easy hot spring experience

Take a seat, dip your bare feet in the warm water and relax while enjoying the view.

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Experience Nature!

Active volcano Sakurajima, UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site Yakushima Island and its 7,200 years old cedar tree Jomonsugi, islands surrounded by coral seas� Kagoshima is blessed with an abundance of spectacular scenery.

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The land that receives the volcano's blessings


At the foot of Sakurajima is resource-rich Kinko Bay, and beyond that lies Kagoshima City. This landscape closely resembles Naples, its Italian sister city.


Enjoy! Shopping

Kagoshima City, the heart of Kagoshima Prefecture. Shops and restaurants line the streets, and nature and historical attractions abound. You can get around easily with trams, buses and sightseeing taxis.

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Off the beaten track Islands

Kagoshima's prefectural land mass stretches 600 km from north to south, with climates ranging from temperate to the subtropics. 28 unique islands dot the perimeter, and you can enjoy the wonderful nature, distinctive traditional culture and local foods of these exotic islands.

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