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Aira Sanryo (Imperial Tombs)

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Aira Sanryo, one of the three imperial tombs from the mythological age in Kagoshima Prefecture, is the resting place of the mother and father of Japan's mythical first emperor, Jimmu. Unlike most such tombs in Japan, it is in a cave.
The 500-meter (547-yard) approach to the tombs, which features lush greenery and a gently rushing river, creates a truly divine air.
Before paying your respects, you must purify yourself with water from the river along the approach.
As the atmosphere puts people in mind of Ise Shrine, Aira Sanryo is also called "Little Ise". The area bustles with scores of visitors during the New Year's holidays.
It is also a well-known cherry blossom viewing spot in spring, and you can see scarlet maple leaves there in fall.

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