Northern Satsuma Peninsula

Iriki-Fumoto Samurai Residences

A nationally designated preservation district
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The Iriki-Fumoto Samurai Residences are important historic sites that give an insight into life in samurai times. Perhaps most significant is the Masuda Samurai Residence. It was built in 1873 and consists of two buildings connected via a walkway and outside porches, a style unique in Kagoshima Prefecture. The residence was privately owned by the Masuda family, whose ancestors were doctors to a local samurai family, until it was restored in 2010.

Other beautifully restored and maintained remains include the Kayabuki Gate, the kura (stone warehouse) and the residence border walls. Several traditional residences have been renovated into cafes where visitors can enjoy refreshments in a truly rare, historic setting.

Stop by the Irki-Fumoto Tourist Information Center for tips on how to best enjoy your visit. You can also receive information there on the “Samurai Tourism” experiences and activities on offer in Iriki-Fumoto.

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DirectionsApprox. 25 minutes by car from JR Sendai Station
Approx. 50 minutes by car from Kagoshima Airport
Telephone Number0996-44-5200  ※Japan's International Country Code is 81
Address 鹿児島県薩摩川内市入来町浦之名麓(旧増田家住宅…来町浦之名77)   Directions
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