'Tamatebako' Open-air Onsen

Enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding area while soaking in this hotspring!
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Tamatebako Onsen is an open-air hotspring with a bird's eye view of Mt. Kaimondake and the East China Sea.
Visitors will even experience a unique and wonderful feeling of enjoying the hotspring, ocean and sky integrated all together.
Not only does the interior design of the onsen tubs used by men and women on a daily basis vary but there are different views of the surrounding lanscape as well.
* Mt. Kaimondake Open-air Onsen Schedule: Men --- Odd-numbered days (ex. 1st, 3rd, 5th, etc.) | Women --- Even-numbered days (ex. 2nd, 4th, 6th, etc.)

Basic Information

Business Hours [Time] 9:30am~7:30pm      
Closed days Thu       [Notes] For National Holidays, closed the following day
  • Adults ¥500
DirectionsR Ibusuki-Makurazaki Line + 25 "Nottari Oritari" Bus ride from "Ibusuki Station"
Telephone Number0993-35-3577  ※Japan's International Country Code is 81
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  • Prayer Room
  • Barrier-free Facility
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