Yamakawa Natural Sand Bath Sayuri

Experience a geothermally heated sand bath in beautiful natural surroundings
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Though only 30 minutes’ drive from Ibusuki City, Yamakawa Natural Sand Bath Sayuri is a natural paradise. Situated on the coast, with unparalleled views of the South China Sea and Mount Kaimon, it is the perfect place to relax and refresh both body and mind.

Health benefits of the sand bath
Sayuri’s hot sand is thanks to the geothermal activity of the Kirishima volcanic belt than runs through Ibusuki. Deep below the surface, a 102°C spring heats up the sandy beach to the perfect temperature.

The sodium chloride-rich sand is proven to help alleviate a wide-range of health problems, including neuralgia, rheumatism, asthma, diabetes and cold sensitivity. It also rids the body of impurities, boosts circulation and skin condition, and relieves stress.

Experience lying in warm, soothing sand while listening to the relaxing sound of the sea lapping on the shore. The beautiful natural scenery is a delight, and on clear days you can even see Yakushima. Taking a natural sand bath in Ibusuki is a unique opportunity to enjoy in Japan.

Enjoying the sand bath
On arriving at Sayuri, you will be given a cotton yukata and a hand towel. Remove all your clothes, put on the yukata and go to the shore with your hand towel.

Lie down on the sand and the staff will heap the hot sand on you. Don’t worry – the towel covers your head and your face remains uncovered. Then simply wait for up to 15 minutes to allow the warmth to soak into your body. Once you are ready, get out of the sand and enjoy a dip in the regular onsen in the nearby building.

* Tamatebako Onsen, another stunning open-air onsen, is only five minutes’ walk from Sayuri. Both are part of Healthy Land, a resort that sells a discounted ticket valid for both Sayuri and Tamatebako.

Basic Information

Business Days Sep - Jun       [Time] 9:00am~5:30pm      
Business Days Jul - Aug       [Time] 9:00am~6:00pm      
Closed days Open all year round       [Notes] May be closed some days due to weather. Please confirm in advance
  • Adults ¥830
  • Children ¥460
Directions15-minute drive from JR Ibusuki Station
From JR Ibusuki Station, take the bus for Lake Ikeda, get off at the Healthy Land bus stop, and walk 10 minutes

10-minute drive from JR Yamagawa Station
From JR Yamagawa Station, take the bus for Kaimon Station, get off at the Healthy Land bus stop, and walk 10 minutes
Telephone Number0993-35-2669  ※Japan's International Country Code is 81
Address 鹿児島県指宿市山川福元3339-3   Directions
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