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Cape Nagasaki, or Nagasakibana, is located at the southernmost point of the Satsuma peninsula. There is a lighthouse surrounded by the East China Sea that offers wonderful panoramic views. The Nippon Romanchisuto Kyokai, an association for romantics, calls it the “lighthouse of love” as it forms the perfect romantic background. The most popular photo spot is in front of the heart-shaped monument, with the lighthouse in the foreground and Mt. Kaimon in the distance.

Cape Nagasaki is said to be the birthplace of Urashima Taro, the protagonist in a Japanese fairytale. After returning a lost turtle to Dragon Palace beneath the sea, he receives a box as a reward and spends several days with the princess. When he returns home, he opens the box, despite it being forbidden, and becomes an old man. Cape Nagasaki’s Ryugu (Dragon Palace) has numerous reminders of the legend and is a Japanese “power spot,” a location thought to possess special powers. This one is said to be good for matchmaking.

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