Northern Satsuma Peninsula

Sogi Falls Park

The Niagara Falls of the East
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Sogi Falls Park is ideal for relaxation, exploration and refreshment. The oasis has a raised observatory offering stunning up-close views of Sogi Falls as well as a shrine, playground and several eateries serving traditional and local dishes. There is a wide network of paths around the park, including to the tunnels of the Former Sogi Power Station Waterway.

Sogi Falls
Sogi Falls certainly lives up to its name, Niagara of the East. At 210m wide and 12m tall, the waterfall is a stunning sight and the noise as it thunders over Senjoiwa rock is incredible. Soak up the spray from the massive waterfall and find out more about its historic role in generating energy for the area in decades past.

Seasonal colors
Sogi Falls Park can be enjoyed throughout the year, but it is particularly popular in spring and fall. In spring, cherry blossom and azaleas makes the park come alive in blooms of pink and white, while in fall, the trees turn the beautiful autumn colors of red, orange and yellow.
◇Typical best viewing period of cherry blossom: Late March - Early April

Shrine to love
Nestled in the leafy park is Shimizu Jinja, a shrine to the god of love and relationships. Check out the pretty heart-shaped ema (wooden plaques) lining the walls, each adorned with people’s wishes. Why not write your own and place it alongside them?

Wild Medical Herb Gallery
Isa is blessed with cold winters and hot, humid summers, enabling a multitude of wild herbs to grow. Visit the Wild Medical Herb Gallery at the entrance to the park to find out more about their medicinal properties and enjoy free herb processing.

◇Typical best viewing period of cherry blossom : Late March - Early April
◇Number of cherry trees: ~300

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