Northern Satsuma Peninsula

Satsuma Kinzangura

Delicious shochu at the end of a mine shaft - THIS is an adult's theme park!
焼酎蔵 薩摩金山蔵
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Kushikino is home to gold mines and was once an active gold-mining area.
As a result of 350 years of gold mining, Kushikino has mine shafts extending a total length of 120 km (75 mi).
Over many years, the temperature in the mine shafts has become constant, creating an ideal environment for storing and aging shochu.
A female master distiller utilizes this environment to make and store shochu in earthenware vats, evoking the concept of pre-20th-century shochu production.
You can enter the mine shaft in a mine cart to observe the preparation of shochu and the vats that store it.
※The mine cart runs four times daily (10:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM)
※The mine cart ride lasts about 8 minutes (total tour time: approx. 60 minutes)
※Mine shaft tour: \720 (includes mine cart ride)

Basic Information

Business Hours [Time] 10:00am~5:00pm      
Closed days Tue      
DirectionsApprox. 10 minutes by car from JR Kushikino Station
Approx. 50 minutes by car from central Kagoshima City
Telephone Number0996-21-2110  ※Japan's International Country Code is 81
Address 鹿児島県いちき串木野市野下13665   Directions
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