Northern Satsuma Peninsula

Yugawachi Onsen, Kajikaso

湯川内温泉 かじか荘
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Yugawachi Onsen is rare in Japan as its hot spring pumps water directly into the bottom of the tub rather than from the top. The water is also neither mixed with cold water nor artificially heated. The main bath, shimonoyu, is light green and exceptionally clear, allowing visitors to see the hot spring bubbles rising to the surface.

The onsen town was much beloved by the Shimazu family who ruled Satsuma Domain for centuries. The current onsen lodge is thought to have been built about 100 years ago and retains much of its rustic and traditional feel.

The temperature of the hot spring water is 38– 39°C. (101–102°F) and is renowned for making skin silky smooth.

Basic Information

Closed days Thu      
Business Hours [Time] 7:00am~9:00pm      
  • Adults ¥300
Telephone Number0996-62-1535  ※Japan's International Country Code is 81
Address 鹿児島県出水市武本2060   Directions
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  • Barrier-free Facility
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