Foodies come from all over Japan to savor Kagoshima's plentiful food.
Visit Kagoshima for the ultimate in gourmet delight, with foods made using the freshest ingredients.

  • Kagoshima Ramen

    Kagoshima Ramen

    There is a wide variety of flavors for you to discover.

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  • Kurobuta Pork

    Kurobuta Pork

    A popular dish is shabu-shabu, in which you cook the thinly sliced meat by dipping it in broth.

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  • Shirokuma (Polar Bear) Shaved Ice

    Shirokuma (Polar Bear) Shaved Ice

    A shaved ice dessert topped with condensed milk and fruits, its expression varies with the shop!

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  • Keihan (Chicken Rice)

    Keihan (Chicken Rice)

    Amami Islands' local dish made by pouring chicken broth over a bowl of rice.

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  • Unagi Eel

    Unagi Eel

    The output of farm-raised unagi eel is #1 in Japan!

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  • Somen-nagashi (Flowing Somen Noodles)

    Somen-nagashi (Flowing Somen Noodles)

    Enjoy the refreshing somen noodles while surrounded by nature.

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  • Satsuma-age


    This deep-fried fish cake is a famous dish of Kagoshima!

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  • Chicken Sashimi

    Chicken Sashimi

    A unique food culture where you can have raw chicken sashimi.

    Chicken Cuisine
  • Kagoshima Wagyu Beef

    Kagoshima Wagyu Beef

    A most exquisite taste of rich and savory flavors!

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  • Traditional Confectionery

    Traditional Confectionery

    There are many confectionery made using traditional methods!

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Kagoshima has developed its own shochu culture, be it the classic liquors made from sweet potatoes or those made from brown sugar and much loved in the islands. One of its distinctive features is the variety of containers made for enjoying this drink. There is 'sorakyu' (a conical cup) for setting up the mood at parties, 'kuro-joka' (a pot for holding the liquor) for your nightly drink, special glasses just for mixing with hot water, and so on. They are also popular as souvenirs.

'Kuro-joka' - a traditional pot for holding imo-shochu (liquor made from sweet potatoes). Its simple colors and distinctive shape are much sought-after by shochu fans, and it is popular as a gift and as an interior display.

Some distilleries are open to the public

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'Hanatare' refers to the liquor that is obtained during the first stage of distillation. This concentrated shochu liquor has a high alcohol content, and its flavors and aroma are intense. Hanatare is extremely rare as only a small amount, a mere fraction of the total output, is obtained each time, so consider yourself lucky if you find it!

Black vinegar, made in Fukuyama Town with its long sunshine hours, rice from Isa City, produced with the large daily temperature range in the mountain basin, green tea grown in misty areas with pure air and fresh water… Such foods and many more are produced with the blessings of Kagoshima's climate and topography.

Black vinegar

Isa rice

Green tea