Tosenkyo Flowing 'Soumen' Noodles

Summer is the perfect time to eat soumen noodles.
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Tosenkyo valley in Ibusuki is the birthplace of the unique serving style of soumen noodle called 'soumen nagashi'.
The unique table provided for each group or family, and clear water comes direct to those table by water pressure without power of any electrical motor.
You can touch crystal clear water by front of your table!
Tosenkyo is well known nationwide for its clear natural spring fountain from the bottom in the valley.
Close to the headwaters, 10 tons of water gush out from the thick ravine everyday at 13 degrees, just suitable for Soumennagashi.
This place was chosen one of the 100 best water sources in Japan by the Ministry of Land.
You'll feel at peace amidst the sweet smell of the trees and the gentle sound of water.

Basic Information

Directions1hr "Nottari Oritari" Bus ride from "Ibusuki Station"or 20 minutes by car from the Ibusuki city center.
Business Hours 10:00-17:30 * LO. 17:00
Summer Time ( mid of July-August)10:00-20:30 *LO. 20:00
Telephone Number0993-32-2143  ※Japan's International Country Code is 81
Address 鹿児島県指宿市開聞十町5967番地   Directions
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