Osumi Peninsula

Yagorodon Festival

Meet the god of health and long life in life size 4.85 meter height.
3 Nov  November 3rd, every year
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Yagorodon is the god of health and long life, and is deeply revered by the people of Osumi as the god who protects their region.
At a height of 4.85 meters, it is said crying babies will quiet down.
With penetrating eyes that that seem able to see from one end of Osumi to the other, he sees all in Osumi.
With this ominous appearance, the sense of respect people have for the legendary Yagorodon is uncommon.
Wouldn't you like to come meet Yagorodon?

Basic Information

Event Days 3 Nov       [Notes] November 3rd, every year
Telephone Number0986-76-8282  ※Japan's International Country Code is 81
Address 鹿児島県曽於市大隅町岩川5745 岩川八幡神社   Directions
Venue Iwakawa Hachiman Shrine
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