Good Neighbors Jamboree

Parents and their kids' summer vacation. Visit Kagoshima to make your summer memories
24 Aug 2019 (Sat)  
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The Good Neighbors Jamboree is a participatory festival held at Kawanabe Mori No Gakko, which is an old school located in a natural setting that is no longer in use.
A number of programs related to music, crafts, art, food, culture, cinema etc. Parents and kids can enjoy the whole day with the variety of programs offered.
Won't you make your summer memories at the Kawanabe Mori no Gakko, where you can experience a natural forest setting?

Basic Information

Event Days 24 Aug 2019 (Sat)       [Time] 11:00am~9:00pm      
Tickets in advance 5000 yen (Tickets on the day: 6,000 yen)
Bus from Kagoshima 3000 yen (A direct bus from Kagoshima Chuo Station to Mori No Gakko will be running 2-3 times a day)
Shuttle Bus 500 yen (This is the shuttle running from the parking lot at Suwa Undo Park to the event location)
Address 鹿児島県南九州市川辺町本別府3728-2   Directions
Venue Event details are available here
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  • Prayer Room
  • Barrier-free Facility
  • Rest Room
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