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Kagoshima, A Japan yet to be discovered Eating and Drinking Your Way Around Kagoshima With two peninsulas and 27 inhabited islands, Kagoshima has coastal, mainland and island habitats. The diverse landscape includes mountain peaks, undulating plateaus, coastal plains and fertile arable land, with a climate ranging from temperate in the north to subtropical in the south. The result is a rich, varied food culture that boasts some of the freshest ingredients and most popular dishes in Japan.
南北600kmに広がる鹿児島県。食の宝庫と呼ばれる本県には、2 つの半島と 27 の有人島があり、美しく多様な景観があります。気候は北の温帯から南の亜熱帯まで多岐にわたり、その結果、日本で最も新鮮な食材と最も人気のある料理を誇る、豊かで多様な食文化が生まれました。

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