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호쿠사쓰지역 기리시마지역 자연 먹거리

The real healing begins here 
Kagoshima, a Japan yet to be discovered.

In northern Kagoshima, Kyushu’s most southernmost prefecture, you'll find Isa City and Yusui Town, connected by Sendai River which flows from the Kirishima Mountain Range. This mountain range, which comprises some 20 volcanoes, is Japan’s first designated national park. Today, this volcanically active region brings many blessings to the people living there. 
The specialties and food culture unique to this region, such as the famous sweet potato (imo) shochu distilled alcohol and Isa rice, are thanks to the fertile land, abundant clear spring water running from the mountains, geothermal energy from the magma, and the temperature differences brought about by the local topography.  

Located on a plateau at the foot of these magnificent Kirishima mountains lies the Horse Trust, a special place where retired racehorses spend the rest of their lives in open spaces, day or night. The sight of around 150 horses roaming on this sun-drenched land, living happily as they would in the wild, is rare indeed. The staff, who truly love the horses, check the temperature of each horse every morning, adjusting its feed according to its physical condition, and create an environment for the horses to live as stress-free lives as possible. The sight of horses living happily and peacefully in this beautiful setting provides visitors with a sense of wonder and healing. 

We would like to introduce you to special activities whereby you can meet these horses and experience the rich local culture and food. We hope you can visit this area, to appreciate these happy horses, as well as the nature, delicious food, and warm-hearted people of the region. 

 二つの町を結ぶのは、霧島連山から豊かに流れ出す川内川。大小20以上の火山が連なる霧島連山は、日本で初めて国立公園に指定され、今もなお、この地で噴煙をあげる霧島山は、その麓に生きる私たちの暮らしや文化に多く の恵みをもたらしてくれています。
そんな馬たちに会いに行けるちょっと贅沢で特別な体験、またこの地で育まれた豊かな文化や食の恵みを体感できるコンテンツをご紹介致します。 この地を訪れる皆さまが、幸せな馬や豊かな自然と食、地域のあたたかい人達に触れ、ご自身本来の姿に出会えますように。

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