〇Name:Yasuki Gohara I’m JADF(Japan Self Defence Force⇒KOKUZIEITAI)
  Nice to meet you. Please call me “GO”
〇Hobby:Watching movies.Running.  
※Participation in major competitions; OSJ ONTAKE100、SKYLINE TRAIL SUGADAIRA, Ome MARATHON and so on.
〇Used Language:Available for English.  
〇Guidable area:Saitama and Okinoerabujima(Beautiful island). 
※Okinoerabujima (ONLY during staying) 
The ocean around this island the most transparent I’ve ever seen. In particularly,Wanjo beach is one of the best beaches in the northern part of Okinoerabu island.I recommend that you visit it.
 Hitsujiyama park is famous in the hill of the Japanese Shiba cherry blossom that nine kinds of more than 400000 it are in full glory. The best season to see is early May. 
〇Expertise:Military(AIR FORCE)、RUNNING
〇Self-Introduction: I was born and raised in Kagoshima,JAPAN.I have lived in Saitama from 15th January 2021 and have worked at YOKOTA air force base. As You know, Amami-oshima island Tokunoshima island northen part of Okinawa and Iriomote island are registered as a World heritage site on July 26th 2021.It is please to registered for Japan. I want to send out charm of nature and good point of Japan.I’d like to have a good time with you all.If you have any interest.Please contact me by E-Mail(emky051122@docomo.ne.jp)

Basic Information

Full Name GOHARA Yasuki
Experience Only okinoerabu island.
Telephone Number 090-1563-1381
E-mail emky051122*docomo.ne.jp
Please change "*" to "@" when sending


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