• Tenmonkan Area-1

    Tenmonkan Area

    Tenmonkan is the name of the entire downtown area of Kagoshima.
    It's lined with many souvenir shops and restaurants.
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  • Usuki Shopping Street-1

    Usuki Shopping Street

    This is the recommended shopping area to visit from Marine Port Kagoshima.
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  • Experience-1


    A list of the best experiences available in Kagoshima.
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  • ©Kagoshima City

    Foodie paradise: Kagoshima

    Eating and Drinking Your Way Around Kagoshima
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  • Bird's Eye-1

    Bird's Eye

    Kagoshima Prefecture has 22 ports where liners and cruise ships call.
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  • Guide Interpreters-1

    Guide Interpreters

    There are many interpreter-guides in Kagoshima who can help foreign visitors make the most of their trip.
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