• 2022.06.08
  • Applications open

~To All Kagoshima Residents From Abroad~ Post Great Things about Kagoshima on Social Media and Help Spread the Word of Our Prefecture!

With its aim of increasing the number of overseas visitors, Kagoshima Pref. is now inviting to the cause residents of our prefecture who were born outside of Japan. In the role of certified “KagoFan Creator”, you would advertise the wonderful charms of Kagoshima through your own social media platforms.  

 ※What’s “KagoFan Creator”?→A person who makes Kagoshima fan around the world by posting Kagoshima’s good things on SNS.

Eligibility Requirements
–A foreign-born individual who is currently a resident of Kagoshima Pref.
–Regularly posts on social media in their native language.
–Speaks Japanese at a daily conversational level. (All team communications will be in Japanese.)
–Willing to provide articles and photos for a feature page "Watashi kara mita Kagoshima" (VOICES) on the Kagoshima Pref. Multi-language Tourism Website.  

I. Appointment Ceremony for KagoFan Creators, Orientation
 Date: Saturday, July 23, 2022 (TBC)  Location: Kagoshima City 
  *More details will be provided later.
  *Travel expenses will be compensated at a fixed rate based on the place of residence.
II. Send out information on sightseeing and attractions of your area of residence on social media platforms once or so each week.
Also provide similar information of other areas within Kagoshima via social media five times or so in a year.
III. Debriefing meeting
  Date: Saturday, March 11, 2023 (TBC)  Location: Kagoshima City

Candidate Availability & Term
Candidate Availability:    35
Term:     Starts on the date of the Appointment Ceremony for KagoFan Creators until March 31, 2023 
Fund:     20,000 yen yearly (Compensated at the debriefing meeting)
Other benefits to be designated for participation in the program are being prepared.

How to Apply
Please provide the following information on the Google Form via this link:   https://forms.gle/BT7jYkRFSEJJENgdA  
Information to include in the application:
1. Full name 2. Nationality 3. Age 4. Phone number 5. Email address      6. Address 7. Name of organisation (e.g. company, school) 8. Organisation's phone number 9. Years of residency in Kagoshima Prefecture 10. List of social media platform(s) you are actively using / handles (e.g. usernames) / Follower count on each platform 11. Reason of application
Application Deadline:   June 30, 2022

[Contact Us]
KagoFan Creator Office (Located at JTB Kagoshima office) 
Phone: 099-226-1515  Email: kagofan-creator@jtb.com (Attn Horita/Inomoto)

  • ~To All Kagoshima Residents From Abroad~ Post Great Things about Kagoshima on Social Media and Help Spread the Word of Our Prefecture!-1

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