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Response to COVID-19 and Other Illnesses During Travel in Kagoshima

1.    If you suspect you’ve contracted COVID-19 or another illness, or have suffered an injury, while travelling in Kagoshima, you can get support.

Kagoshima Prefecture has set up the following COVID-19 consultation service for foreign nationals, including foreign tourists.

■Corona Sodan Kagoshima (Contact if symptoms such as fever are present)
Tel: 099-833-3221
7 languages supported
Operating Hours: Dependent on language
English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese: 24-hour service including weekends and holidays
Vietnamese and Thai: Weekdays 10:00–18:00 

(If Corona Sodan Kagoshima is not available, please call the following)    

■Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Consultation Service for COVID-19 Infections
Tel: 0120-565-653
Operating Hours: Everyday including weekends & holidays
English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish: 9:00–21:00
Thai: 9:00–18:00
Vietnamese: 10:00–19:00

For illnesses and injuries other than COVID-19, please consult a hospital offering services in foreign languages. Hospitals with foreign language services can be found on the following websites.

Hospital Search Website (Japan Tourism Agency)
  English:        https://www.jnto.go.jp/emergency/eng/mi_guide.html

  Simplified Chinese:    https://www.jnto.go.jp/emergency/chs/mi_guide.html 

  Traditional Chinese:    https://www.jnto.go.jp/emergency/chc/mi_guide.html
  Korean:        https://www.jnto.go.jp/emergency/kor/mi_guide.html

2    Regarding COVID-19 while travelling in Japan
Following the Japanese government’s relaxation of entry restrictions on October 11 (Tuesday), the Japan Tourism Agency is providing information in various languages on measures against infectious diseases (wearing masks, etc.) for foreign tourists, as well as details on how to respond in the case of an injury or illness, including COVID-19. Information in more languages is being added when available.

Information related to COVID-19 infection for foreign tourists by Japan National Tourism Organization
(COVID-19: Practical Information for Traveling to Japan)


Simplified Chinese(China)

Traditional Chinese(Hong Kong)

Traditional Chinese(Taiwan)




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