• 2023.10.06
  • Events

[Monitoring Tour]Discover Kagoshima’s Hidden Treasures!

Sakurajima, which was born 260 million years ago, has cultivated rich treasures.
There are unique vegetables and fruits that can only be grown in the unique landscape and volcanic ash soil.
Above all, the people of Kagoshima, who have been coexisted with an active volcano, have a culture of taking advantage of and enjoying its blessings. Why don't you have your own experience to feel the breath of the earth?
Enjoy the 5 monitoring tours!

  • [Monitoring Tour]Discover Kagoshima’s Hidden Treasures!-1

  • [Monitoring Tour]Discover Kagoshima’s Hidden Treasures!-2

  • [Monitoring Tour]Discover Kagoshima’s Hidden Treasures!-3

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