Cranes at Izumi / 出水の鶴

Cranes at Izumi / 出水の鶴
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田んぼ 飛来 ラムサール条約 Ramsar Convention
Please be sure to fill out the credits of "Photograph provided by Kagoshima Prefecture Visitors Bureau" or "©K.P.V.B" in the photograph.

Usage Regulations


The images registered as downloadable photos are provided for the purpose of broadly introducing and promoting the many charms of sightseeing in Kagoshima.

Notes on usage

  • Use as an impression
  • The actual conditions of the object may vary depending on when it is photographed. Please use photos as an impression.
  • Credit for photos
  • Image copyrights belong to the Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau or the provider of the images.
    When using an image, please display the credit shown in the notes column.
    (※Credit information may vary by image)
  • Prohibited usage
  • Usage that offends public order and morals is prohibited
    Usage that is linked to the commercial sale of the photos themselves, such as calendars or postcards, and the sale or lease of downloaded image data is prohibited
  • Treatment of photo trimming, etc.
  • Depending on the purpose, trimming or cropping is permitted for the minimum extent required.
    However, the trimming or cropping of specific persons or similar in images who are clearly unrelated to the tourism promotion of the prefecture is prohibited.
    Usage that considerably compromises the image's original impression by enlarging or reducing it is prohibited.

※If a violation is recognized, usage stops immediately together with persons being subject to compensation for damages for copyright infringement depending on the content.

※The usage of images is the user's responsibility.
The Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau or the author take no responsibility for damages or disadvantages arising from usage of the images.

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