Sightseeing Taxis (観光タクシー)

Tourist taxi

Sightseeing Course Plans (prices are based on regular taxi prices)
Kagoshima City Sightseeing Course (3hrs) 12,000 yen
Kagoshima City and Sakurajima Course (5hrs) 20,000 yen
Sakurajima Sightseeing Course (4hrs) 16,000 yen
Kagoshima City, Sakurajima, and Kirishima Onsen Course (6hrs) 28,000 yen
Chiran Course (4hrs) 24,400 yen
Chiran, Lake Ikeda, Ibusuki Course (6hrs) 30,000 yen
Izumi Course (2hrs) 5,000 yen
Kirishima Jingu Course (2hrs) 6,000 yen
Kirishima Course (4hrs) 14,300 yen
Various other courses are also available. If you have a request, please inquire.

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県
Telephone Number 099-222-3255(Kagoshima Prefecture Taxi Association *Japanese-speaking staff only)


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