Jigen-ryu Hyoho museum (示現流兵法所史料館)

Nakasatsuma Area History and Culture

During the time of the samurai Japan was home to hundreds of different styles of swordsmanship. Kagoshima was home to one of the most feared and famous of these schools – Jigen-ryu.
Featured in popular manga and anime such as “Rurouni Kenshin” and “Golden Kamuy”, Jigen-ryu is still well known by people all over Japan.
The Satsuma samurai who practiced Jigen-ryu were said to be able to cut down an enemy in a single stroke. At the battle of Toba-Fushimi, enemies of Satsuma were found with their own sword guards embedded in their foreheads, having tried and failed to block the powerful first strike of Jigen-ryu.
Despite its fearsome image, Jigen-ryu has deep philosophical teachings, and advises against killing and violence. The founder of Jigen-ryu, Togo Chui stated, “swords should never be drawn” and instructed his students to tie their swords into their scabbards with a paper string to prevent them being drawn in anger.
However, if attacked the Jigen-ryu swordsman should tear the sword out of its scabbard and cut down the enemy with one unstoppable blow. Jigen-ryu teachings state “never doubt the first strike, the second strike will lose”, showing the determination and ferocious mindset of the school.
At the same time peaceful and powerful, Jigen-ryu has been passed down unchanged in the Togo family for over 400 years and is still practiced in Kagoshima today, providing a rare chance to see the culture of the samurai alive in modern Japan.

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