Jigenji Park / Jigenji Somen Nagashi (慈眼寺公園/慈眼寺そうめん流し)

Nakasatsuma Area Nature, Seasonal Flowers and Scenic Spots Local Cuisine

Enjoy forest walks and seasonal flowers. This park has lush greenery, a mountain stream running through it and a nature trail around its edge. It is a relaxing place and home to the Kagoshima City Hometown Archaeological History Museum and Taniyama Shrine. In the warmer months (mid-March to October), the park offers somen nagashi (flowing noodles) meals and is popular for cherry blossom and nemophila in spring.

Best time for nature viewing: 
Nemophila: mid-March to mid-April
Cherry blossom: late March to early April
Autumn leaves: late November to early December

Basic Information

Address 891-0144 鹿児島県鹿児島市下福元町3810
Telephone Number 099-216-1366(鹿児島市公園緑化課)
Website https://k-kouenkousya.jp/grow.html


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