Kagoshima Airport Multifunction Service Counter (Domestic terminal, 1F) (鹿児島空港 多機能サービスカウンター(国内線1階))

Support to make your trip comfortable

Kirishima Area Tourist Information Office

Services are provided to enhance the convenience and enjoyment of people using the domestic and international terminals. Staff are ready and willing to help, and can provide support in English.

Services Available

1) Wi-Fi router rental 
This service provides high-speed, convenient mobile internet access in Japan as well as 200 countries and regions.
Visitors can use the service immediately, provided they request it within business hours (8:00-18:00).
If you would like to request rental outside business hours, please apply in advance via the official website and use the dedicated Smart Pickup Locker inside the airport on arrival.
To conclude use of the service, please place the Wi-Fi router in the returns box at the Multifunction Service Counter in the domestic terminal or the returns box in the international terminal.

2) The large luggage or hand baggage temporary storage service
 Convenient for trips with same day return. Available 8:00-18:00

3) SIM Card Purchasing/Receiving Machine
(Available in English and Chinese)

4) Seven Bank ATM
You can use cashless payment methods here.

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県霧島市溝辺町麓822(国内線1階 到着ロビー前)
Telephone Number 0995-55-1488
Business Days/ Hours 8:00~18:00
Website Visit Japanese Website


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