Metallic but soft!? Make tinware with a touch no machine can produce (【体験】岩切美巧堂 錫皿つくり)

A plate, a coaster, or a holding tray: use it however you like!

Kirishima Area Hands-on Experience Culture Japanese Cultural Experiences

Highlight Best 3

 1.  The charm of producing unique character simply by driving a hammer
 2.  You can get a master craftsman's finishing touch and take your plate home that day
 3.  Engrave a seal of letters and numbers on the back to make it a perfect commemorative item

[ What to know for a better experience ]
・Tin is deeply connected to Kagoshima's ingrained shochu culture; the ion effect of tin removes the off-flavor of alcohol, giving it a gentle, smooth taste.
・The coarse molecules absorb impurities and purify water; flowers placed in tinware are said to stay fresh for a long time.
・Expertly-crafted tin tea canisters are supremely airtight, making them perfect for storing tea leaves, coffee beans, or vitamins.
・Tin is considered auspicious because it doesn't rust or decay; thus, tinware is often given is a gift to wish for prosperity.
・The raw material for tin is now being imported because it is unavailable in Japan, but Kagoshima craftsmen keep the tinware tradition alive with their unparalleled skill

[ Points of note ]
・You should tour the facility after you make your plate to make good use of the time required for the finishing touches
・Make sure your seal on the back faces the correct way before engraving
・A high-quality finish requires variation in the force of your strikes, striking in the same spot, and striking with balance
・If the entire plate curves when struck, a craftsman will fix it for you
・You may not make anything other than a plate

Basic Information

Address 899-4332 鹿児島県霧島市国分中央4-18-2
Telephone Number 0995-45-0177
Business Days/ Hours Business Hours
[Time] 8:00am~5:00pm

Business Hours
[Notes] Duration of event: Approx. 60 minutes * 30 minutes for experience + 30 minutes for finishing by craftsman
Fee Hands-on Experience ¥3,300~
Group size 1~30 people
Application deadline 7 days in advance
Other conditions You can observe the products, displays, shop, and workshop while waiting for a craftsman's finish
Where to apply Satsuma Suzuki Kogeikan (Iwakiri Bikodo)
Venue Satsuma Suzuki Kogeikan (Iwakiri Bikodo)
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