Tatsumonji Zaka (Tatsumonji Slope) (龍門司坂)

The old stone road covered in moss.

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It is the old main road where materials came and went through, and it was greatly related to Satsuma’s economics and culture.
Originally its full length was approximately 1,500 meters, but 464 meters remain in its original form now.

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県姶良市加治木町木田5088-1
Telephone Number 0995-67-6052(姶良市観光協会)
Directions 20 minutes by walking from JR Nippō-honsen.
About 40 minutes by car from Kagoshima city.
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  • 駐車場
  • トイレ
  • クレジットカード
  • WIFI
  • バリアフリー対応可
  • ベジタリアンメニュー相談可
  • ムスリムメニュー相談可
  • 祈祷所


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