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About Sakurajima

The people coexisting with Sakurajima

Sakurajima is only 4 kilometers away from town. Life in Kagoshima is inextricably entwined with Sakurajima. Learning from great eruptions of the past, the communities living on Sakurajima have built numerous evacuation shelters, and students wear helmets when going to and from school. With such knowledge and efforts, these communities continue to coexist with Sakurajima.

Sakurajima erupts a little almost every day. The greatest number of eruptions ever recorded was in 2011 with 996 eruptions that year. There are 17 large-scale eruptions to date, and in the great eruption of 1914, volcanic ash buried the shrine gate of Kurokami Shrine and lava flow connected Sakurajima to Osumi peninsula.

Tips when travelling in Sakurajima

●Don't rush to escape when there is an eruption

Sakurajima erupts on a daily basis and it will not affect your travels. Communities living on Sakurajima are used to the hundreds of eruptions that occur every year.

●Don't worry about large eruptions

There will be warning signs from a few months to at least a few days before large eruptions happen. They do not occur without warning.

●Ashfall depends on the wind direction

Even when Sakurajima erupts, ash may not fall over you depending on the wind direction. Please check the weather forecast for the wind direction over Sakurajima.

●Most locals don't wear masks

Most locals do not wear masks even when ash falls as they are accustomed to it. Take care to avoid getting ash into your eyes and mouth.

●Don't be surprised when ash falls

Volcanic ash are minute particles and don't hurt. Take care when wearing contact lenses as it may be painful when ash gets into the eye.

Necessary information regarding evacuation in times of emergency: places to avoid, evacuation shelters, etc.

Sakurajima triva

Sakurajima triva-1

2 Guinness World Records

The world's smallest tangerine and the world's heaviest radish. Local dishes and souvenirs that make use of these distinctive products are unique to Kagoshima.

Sakurajima triva

Sakurajima triva-1

Shop design that fits in with surrounding nature

As Sakurajima is designated as a national geopark, shops adopt a lava brown color scheme to protect the gorgeous scenery.


Sakurajima can be seen from many places within Kagoshima Prefecture. As its appearance differs depending on how you look at it, the impressions of Sakurajima for the people of Kagoshima are wide and varied.


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