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Now is the time for a bike trip! Cycle beautiful Kagoshima

From north to south, Kagoshima Prefecture is 600 km long, which gives it highly varied attractions depending on the area. In this special feature, we present routes recommended by local cyclists who have ridden them, together with the places to see on the way. In addition to the support info cyclists need such as elevation change, rest stops and accommodation, we also look at the photogenic view points Kagoshima is famous for. Choose your route based on the theme of your trip and who you are riding with, then enjoy a safe and enjoyable bike tour.

So many sights: What is Kagoshima cycle tourism?

Kagoshima Cycle Tourism Promotion Council works with a wide range of municipalities and other stakeholders to plan model itineraries that harness the rich local resources of Kagoshima and is pushing for hosting facilities and other aspects for the safe enjoyment of cycle tourism by all. Kagoshima has a subtropical climate that is warm all year round, making it the perfect destination for cycle tourism. Take the byways on your bicycle to enjoy the best we have to offer, from pristine nature to history and culture, hot springs and authentic gourmet food. Some areas have few convenience stores and restaurants, so do plan your trip ahead to make sure of your rest stops.

Cycling information

We have useful information for you to enjoy safe and enjoyable cycle tourism. Please check before you take your trip.

Cycling events in Kagoshima

We introduce events around Kagoshima Prefecture open to all cycling fans.

Kagoshima highway regulations

Please check road conditions before departure.


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