Steam sand baths

About steam sand baths

On the geothermally heated sandy coasts of Ibusuki and Yamakawa, you can experience unique and natural steam sand baths. To take a sand bath, borrow a yukata, get into a sand pit and let the attendant heap sand over you. The heated sand will warm your whole body, and its weight also aids in improving blood circulation. It has been said that the benefits of a steam sand bath are 3 to 4 times greater than that of a hot spring bath. There are facilities with steam sand baths located right by the sea, and it is relaxing listening to the sound of lapping waves.

Volcanic blessings

Japan is known for its many volcanoes, and in the areas of Ibusuki and Yamakawa, where numerous volcanic landforms can be found, the abundant geothermal energy is harnessed to generate electricity. White plumes of steam rise here and there in the hot spring area, and even now some dishes are still prepared using "sume" - a traditional stove that utilizes the natural steam.

Yamakawa Geothermal Power Plant
Onsen tamago (hot spring egg)

How to take a steam sand bath

how to

Good points to know

  • Towels are sold at the facilities, so you may come as you wish.
  • Bathers take the steam sand bath while dressed in yukata, in a mixed-gender sand pit.
  • The public baths for washing up after the steam sand bath experience are gender-segregated.

Tips to better enjoy the sand baths

  • As sand baths improve blood circulation, avoid indigestion by taking the sand bath before a meal.
  • Protect your mobile phone, camera, etc. from the sand by putting them in a plastic bag.
  • Request for more sand to be heaped on body parts that are bothering you.

Map of facilities with steam sand bath

Map of facilities
with steam sand baths

map of facilities

Yamakawa Hot Sand Bath

Opening hours

9:00 - 17:30 (Oct-Jun)
9:00 - 19:00 (Jul-Aug)
9:00 - 18:00 (Sep)
(Last admission 30 min.
before closing)


Approx. 26 min. by bus from Ibusuki-ekimae bus stop. Alight at Fushimeguchi bus stop and walk for about 11 min.


Sand Bath Hall

Opening hours

8:30 - 21:00
(Last admission at 20:30, hours
differ during year-end and New Year holidays)


Approx. 4 min. by bus from Ibusuki-eki-mae bus stop. Alight at Sunamushi-kaikan-mae bus stop.

Facility Telephone
Opening hours
Kyukason Ibusuki 0993-22-3211
Ibusuki Hakusuikan 0993-22-3131
*Fixed admission to both steam sand bath and hot spring
Ibusuki Seaside Hotel 0993-23-3111
Ibusuki Sand Bath Hall ‘Saraku’ 0993-23-3900
Ibusuki Kaijyo Hotel 0993-22-2221
Ibusuki Phoenix Hotel 0993-23-4111
Yamakawa Hot Sand Bath ‘Sayuri’ 0993-35-2669
9:00~17:30 (Sep-Jun)
9:00~18:00 (Jul, Aug)
Ibusuki Iwasaki Hotel 0993-22-2131

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