Body Philosophy Dance Workshop (大人の身体哲学ダンスワークショップ)

Unwind Body and Heart with a Contact Improvisation Dance


Contact improvisation involves impromptu movement and dancing with people. You could say it’s a dance that philosophizes using the body, feeling different energies, environments, and people as you focus on both your inner and outer selves. 
This workshop is held by Contact Improvisation Group CIco (Shoko Kashima and Chiko Katsube), an improvisation group active both in and outside of Japan. It was started after the Great Eastern Tohoku Earthquake, when CIco moved from Tokyo to Isa City. In this workshop, you’ll become more aware of yourself and those around you with the help of CIco’s internationally recognized improv dance skills.

You can experience mindfulness and self-focus, deep communication between fellow travelers, as well as the Isa area’s beautiful locations, Japanese-style homes, and more as the setting of your workshop.

Workshop planning
The plan can be tailored to your trip’s theme or objective. English is also negotiable. The itinerary’s timing is negotiable as well. We can discuss icebreakers during the opening, breaks in the middle of the program, and reviews and reflections after the climax of the program.

Contents / Overview (90 min.)
1. Performance /appreciation (30 min.)
 Enjoy watching improvisation performance by CIco and musicians.
2. Workshop /experience (30 min.)
 After the performance, CIco will lead your group in stretching and gently loosening up the muscles of your body until you naturally find yourself dancing. The latter half of the workshop will develop into internal focus on your heart and body. Finally, the group will come together as one. The workshop will end with a cool down session.
3. Post-discussion /group (30 min.)
 This time is reserved for output and communication among workshop participants and CIco. You’ll have a thorough discussion on what you experienced and felt today.

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県伊佐市
Business Days/ Hours Year-round
Fee Starting at 220,000 yen per package (tax not incl.)
*subject to change based on location and number of participants
*Included in cost : Workshop planning, performance, performance viewing, workshop management and venue fees.
*Not included in cost : Depending on the size of the venue, technical staff costs (lighting, sound, stage management) may be incurred.
*Payment methods: Money transfer / Cash
Group size 4 and up / Up to 40
Application deadline 2 weeks prior
Where to apply ※English OK / Contact Improvisation Group CIco (Ms. Chiko Katsube , Ms. Shoko Kashima) / *Cancellation Policy: Cancellation fees vary based on venue and timing. Please inquire for more details.
Directions By car 
from Airport ... 40㎞ / 45min.
from Kirishima Onsenkyo ... 41㎞ / 60min.
from Kagoshima City ... 76㎞ / 80min.
Website Website
Social media Facebook
Notes Hosted by Contact Improvisation Group CIco 
Reservation manager : Ms. Chiko Katsube, Ms. Shoko Kashima


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