”HANIWA" Yusui Specialty: Hotpot Rice Meal using Local Spring Water (地元湧水を使った自慢の湧水土鍋ご膳「お食事処はにわ」)

A Bowlful of Happiness: a Dish Featuring Rice Sourced from Top-quality Terraced Rice Fields

Kirishima Area Local Specialties and Folk Crafts Gourmet

Located in spring water-abundant Yusui is Maruike Springs, a natural spring chosen as one of Japan’s 100 most beautiful springs. Yusui’s water and temperature conditions make it ideal for growing delicious rice. At Oshokujidokoro Haniwa, a local favorite, their specialty is Yusui-grown rice that’s boiled in Maruike Spring water inside a donabe hotpot. The meal also includes popular Kagoshima side dishes. This local dish allows you to fully enjoy the taste of rice and side dishes that are the staple food of the Japanese people.

Kagoshima is known for its delicious fish, and the master of this shop is a Level 1 Certified Fish Evangelist in Japan. This means you’re sure to enjoy the best quality seafood. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a genuine Yusui meal with fish caught nearby Kagoshima.

Basic Information

Address 899-6207 鹿児島県姶良郡湧水町米永459-1
Telephone Number 0995-74-3111(湧水町 商工観光PR課 商工観光係 田中)
Business Days/ Hours Year-round
Business Hours 11:00~14:00
Fee 5,500 yen~/person (approx. 2 hours)

<Menu example>
- Donabe Steamed Yusui Rice Ginshari Gozen Tokujyo Set
・6 Side Dishes
(Japanese Yam and Mentai Fish Eggs, Spinach and Mashed Tofu Salad, Bamboo Shoots With Dried Bonito, Boiled Fish Eggs, Stewed Sakurajima Biyu Pork Nankotsu, Lotus Root Satsuma-age)
・Donabe Steamed Yusui Rice Ginshari from Koda Rice Terraces
・Kagoshima Fish Dish(Yellowtail, Red Sea Bream, and Kibata Maguro)
・Ira Fish and Vegetable Tempura
・Fresh Onion and Chicken Salad
・Kurobuta Pork Tonjiru soup
・Yogurt mousse with blueberries

*Menu subject to change due to seasonal availability of ingredients.
*Included in cost : Meal course contents listed above, table charge, tea
*Payment methods : Money transfer / Cash / Credit card / E-money
Group size 2 and up / Up to 20
Application deadline 3 days prior
Other conditions *Cancellation Policy :
Cancellation date (calculated from reservation date) / Cancellation fee
- 2 day prior / 50%
- 1 day prior / 80%
- Same-day / 100%
Directions By car 
from Airport       23㎞・20min.
from Kirishima Onsenkyo  26㎞・30min.
from Kagoshima City   60㎞・60min.
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Notes Hosted by Oshokujidokoro Haniwa


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