Mingle With Locals + Shochu Experience at an Izakaya Bar (ローカル居酒屋で地域の人と焼酎飲ん方体験)

-Koryori Hiro Ver.-

Kirishima Area Local Cuisine Kurobuta Pork Cuisine Izakaya/bar Gourmet

Koryori Hiro is where people gather for local food, drinks, and a good time. It’s an important place for locals to mingle with one another. Here, you can enjoy an authentic izakaya experience among residents. The warmth of the Okami-san (hostess), master, and son, along with the locals, makes this a hit with visitors from abroad.

You can sample dishes with local ingredients and shochu from 3 popular Isa City brands. If you don't like shochu, the Okami-san will recommend other drinks like beer and wine cocktails. Visitors from abroad will enjoy authentic local izakaya interactions with staff and regular customers.

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県伊佐市大口元町13-3
Telephone Number 0995-22-2660
Business Days/ Hours Year-round
Fee 9,000 yen~/person
Koryori Hiro Okami-san’s Recommendation First Meal Set
- 7 dishes, including steak
- 1 drink of your choosing + 3 types of all-you-can-drink shochu (no time limit)

*Included in cost : Table charge (irori sunken hearth table seats), course contents
*Not included in cost : Food and drink not included in the course (please order separately)
*Payment methods : Money transfer/cash/e-money (PayPay)
Directions By car 
from Airport ... 41㎞・50min.
from Kirishima Onsenkyo... 42㎞・60min.
from Kagoshima City ... 76㎞・80min.
Website Website
Social media Instagram
Notes Hosted by Koryori Hiro


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