Sonohigurashi (その火暮らし)

An inn where you can enjoy a warm fire to your heart’s content

Kirishima Area Culture

The concept for this inn is “A lifestyle based around the pleasures of a warm fire”. Guests can relax by a campfire, a wood stove, or a traditional Japanese hearth before enjoying a tent sauna. Using local lumber and reclaimed materials, the interior of this small inn is so comfortable that you’ll scarcely remember the world turning outside. Enjoy the simple pleasures that this land and a warm fire can provide.

Fabulous food at Sonohigurashi!

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県伊佐市大口渕辺303
Fee ▼Accommodation fee
 1 stay with 2 meals: ¥12,000 (excluding tax)
 Stay only: ¥8,000 (excluding tax)

▼ Accommodation fees for children
 ・Child aged 6-15 years
  1 stay with 2 meals:¥8,000 (excluding tax)
  Stay only: ¥5,000 (excluding tax)
 ・Child aged 3-5 years
  1 stay with 2 meals: ¥4,000 (excluding tax)
  Stay only: ¥3,000 (excluding tax)
 ・Children under 3 years of age are free.

▼ Sauna
¥2,000 per person (excluding tax)
No. of rooms Japanese-style guest room : (For 1-3 people)
We recommend this room for no more than three adults but four people, including children, can stay in this room if they are co-sleeping.

Western-style guest room : (For 1-2 people)
This room has two single beds.
Pet-friendly No pets are permitted
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Notes ▼Amenities
・Shampoo・Conditioner・Body wash・Hand soap・Bath towels・Face towels・Slippers・Toothbrushes・Clothes hangers

▼Shared facilities
・Shower and bath・Washing and dressing room・Refrigerator・Air conditioning (in rooms only)・Hair dryer・Toilet with washlet
・Free Wi-Fi・Hammock・Fire pit・Tataki doma (traditional earthen floor)・Room with irori (traditional sunken fireplace)・Room with wood-burning stove・Tatami (straw matting) room

▼Subject to fees:
・Front loader washer and dryer (¥300 per use)
・Sauna poncho rental (¥300 )

▼Other notes
All rooms are non-smoking. Parking is free of charge.


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