Tomb of Yononushi (世之主の墓)

Okinoerabujima Island

Amami Area History and Culture

In the 1400s, Okinoerabu Island was part of the Ryukyu Kingdom (centered on modern-day Okinawa Prefecture) and this tomb belongs to Yononushi, the then Ryukyu ruler of Okinoerabu Island. He was tragic figure who, because of an error in communication from one of his subordinates, mistook a peaceful ship from Okinawa to be one coming to attack the island and decided to take his own life, together with his wife and children. The tomb is enclosed by stone walls, and inside are burial urns with the remains Yononushi, as well as his wife, children and retainers.

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県大島郡和泊町内城


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