Shoryudo (昇竜洞)

Okinoerabujima Island

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Naturally carved out of the rock by subterranean waterways, Shoryudo is a huge underground cave that is set up to accommodate sightseers. The cave is 3,500 meters long, of which a 600-meter-long section is open to the public, and its countless silvery-white stalactites on the ceiling are said to be the most beautiful ones in the East. Some of these even have names such as “The Christmas Tree” or “The Concert Hall.” Shoryudo is full of weird and wonderful limestone structures, especially the flowstones that cover the walls and are among the biggest and most magnificent in Japan. 

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県大島郡知名町大字住吉1520
Telephone Number 0997-93-4536(昇竜洞事務所)
Business Days/ Hours Business Hours
[Time] 9:00am~5:00pm (Last admission: 4:30pm)

Closed days
Every Tuesday and during stormy weather (because rain gets into the cave)
Fee Adults & high school students: 1,100 yen
Elementary and junior high school: 550 yen
4-5 year-olds: 220 yen
Website Caving Tours
Caving ~Explore Some of Japan's Top Limestone Caves~
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