Okinoerabu Island Caving Tours (沖永良部島 ケイビング洞窟探検ツアー)

Okinoerabujima Island

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Originally formed by rising coral, Okinoerabu Island is home to around 300 caves, both big and small, and is known as a mecca for cave lovers. This cave exploration tour offers a valuable opportunity to see many beautiful limestone caves while exploring the natural caves of Okinoerabujima. This popular sightseeing tour not only offers subtle and striking views, but also makes you feel like an adventurer. Please check it!

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県大島郡知名町
Telephone Number 0997-84-3335
Directions 40 minutes from Okinoerabu Airport by car
30 minutes from Wadomari Port by car
Website Caving ~Explore Some of Japan's Top Limestone Caves~
Official Website
Visit Japanese Website
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