Kaisen Maguroya Seafood Restaurant (串木野市漁協直営海鮮まぐろ家)

Enjoy the delicious tuna selected by the knowledgeable tuna connoisseurs!

Nakasatsuma Area Seafood Dish

Ichiki Kushikino town prospered from pelagic tuna fishing, and this restaurant is a must-visit if one wants to enjoy high quality wildcaught tuna. Here one can enjoy a sumptuous treat of sashimi and rice bowls prepared using the premium southern bluefin tuna, Kihada yellowfin tuna, Mebachi bigeye tuna, Bincho Albacore tuna, etc. Be sure to also check out the rare tuna parts for sale!

Basic Information

Address 896-0052 鹿児島県いちき串木野市上名3018-3
Telephone Number 0996-33-5015
Business Hours 11:00~14:30 *Last order at 14:30
Closed days Closed on the 3rd Wed every month
Website http://www4.synapse.ne.jp/maguroya/


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