Terukuni Shrine Rokugatsudo lantern festival (照国神社六月灯)

The biggest Rokugatsudo festivals in all of Kagoshima Prefecture

Nakasatsuma Area Festival Local Performing Art and Traditional Event Summer Festival and Fireworks Festival Market

Rokugatsudo encompasses a series of summer festivals held at various shrines and temples throughout the prefecture in July (June in the old calendar), each taking place on days designated by the shrines and temples themselves.
The Rokugatsudo festivals have long history and continue to succeed as seasonal Kagoshima summer events.
At the shrine and temple grounds, lanterns made from wooden sticks and Japanese paper are strung along a network of ropes and feature a variety of illustrations and messages.
There are many shops lining the roadsides as well. These shops, the shrine-temple atmospheres and lanterns altogether give off a very fantastic, whimsical air.
Within Kagoshima City these festivals will be put on almost every night in July and will continue through to the end of the month.
Please enjoy a "Kagoshima Summer" at a Rokugatsudo lantern festival!
The "Terukuni Shrine Rokugatsudo" held on the 15th and 16th of July each year is one of biggest Rokugatsudo festivals in all of Kagoshima Prefecture.

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県鹿児島市照国町19-35
Telephone Number 099-222-1820(照国神社)
Business Days/ Hours Event Days
15 Jul - 16 Jul

Event Days
[Notes] Every year
Directions Take the city tram bound for JR Kagoshima-eki and get off at Izuro-dori stop
Website Visit Japanese Website
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