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Kagoshima's most famous product! Shochu Liquor

Kagoshima has developed its own shochu culture, be it the classic liquors made from sweet potatoes or those made from brown sugar and much loved in the islands. One of its distinctive features is the variety of containers made for enjoying this drink. There is 'sorakyu' (a conical cup) for setting up the mood at parties, 'kuro-joka' (a pot for holding the liquor) for your nightly drink, special glasses just for mixing with hot water, and so on. They are also popular as souvenirs.

Discover the Native Spirits of Kagoshima

Discover the Native Spirits of Kagoshima-1

Imo and kokuto shochu stand out as two of Japan’s most remarkable distilled spirits. Bursting with rich flavor and enticing aroma, they embody the essence of Kagoshima, offering a cultural and historical experience with every sip. 

Authentic local specialties, these spirits are meticulously crafted in two distinct corners of the region—imo shochu hails from the Kagoshima mainland to the north, while kokuto shochu is produced on the outer Amami Islands to the south. 

Embark on a journey to explore these liquid treasures with us.

Kagoshima Shochu Makers Association

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The Art of Kokuto Shochu

AMAMI KOKUTO SHOCHU - Amami Ilands Original Spirits

AMAMI KOKUTO SHOCHU - Amami Ilands Original Spirits-1

Distilled spirits made exclusively in Amami Islands.



'Kuro-joka' - a traditional pot for holding imo-shochu (liquor made from sweet potatoes). Its simple colors and distinctive shape are much sought-after by shochu fans, and it is popular as a gift and as an interior display.

Some distilleries are open to the public

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Shochu Liquor Trivia

'Hanatare' refers to the liquor that is obtained during the first stage of distillation. This concentrated shochu liquor has a high alcohol content, and its flavors and aroma are intense. Hanatare is extremely rare as only a small amount, a mere fraction of the total output, is obtained each time, so consider yourself lucky if you find it!


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