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Yakushima Island

Magnificent nature designated as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site
A World Natural Heritage Site, Yakushima is teeming with life, from the ancient Yakusugi cedars and lush vegetation to the monkeys and deer that roam freely on the island. 

Exploring on foot
Yakushima is ideal for walkers of all levels. Stroll the deep forest and vast mosses of Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine, the inspiration for the Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke, or hike to Japan’s oldest cedar tree, which is around 7,200 years old. 

Try experiences
With 20% of the island covered in forest, Yakushima offers ample opportunities to try the relaxing wellness practice shinrinyoku (forest bathing). You can also see some of the island’s most beautiful scenery while kayaking on the Anbo River and even find sea turtles laying their eggs (June to mid-July) or witness them hatch (late July to early September). Guides are on-site to explain and ensure the animals are not disturbed. 

An island of world natural heritage status

Yakushima Island is listed as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site for its unique ecosystem. About 20% of the island is designated as such, from the central part of the island where Jomonsugi Cedar is to the western part of the island through which the Seibu Rindo (West Forest Trail) road passes.



Land area
Also known as the "Alps of the Sea", 90% of Yakushima Island is covered with forest.
The ring road around the island is approx. 100 km, and you can complete your drive in about 3 hours without stopping.
approx.13,600 people
There is a saying that there are "20,000 monkeys, 20,000 deer, 20,000 people" on the island, alluding to the high numbers of Yaku deer and Yaku monkeys.
approx. 2,000m above sea level
Yakushima Island's distinctive feature is the vertical distribution of a great variety of plants, so enabled by the wide range of climate zones.



Yakushima Island experiences much rain, almost 3 times that of Tokyo's annual rainfall. It is often described as "rainy 35 days a month". As the weather is often unpredictable, rain gear like umbrellas are must-have items.

Average temperatures and rainfall
Average values from 1981 to 2010 (statistics from Japan Meteorological Agency)


Map of attractions

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