Experience the local food culture (伊佐の食と農業体験)

Mingle with locals and enjoy the farming experience and Isa cuisine

Kirishima Area Gourmet

In Isa City, called the rice-producing center of Satsuma in Kagoshima Prefecture, delicious rice and vegetables are actively cultivated, taking advantage of the abundant spring water and temperature differences in the basin area. In Isa City, Ms. Habu runs a café that serves local ingredients and acts a local exchange center. At this café (Container Village), the Isa Rice Burger, which makes use of Isa rice and local pesticide-free vegetables, is very popular. This program includes a rice burger set and a farming (or cooking) experience in the fields near the café.

Can offer seasonal farming or cooking experience. 
Ex: harvesting Kanayama negi green onions → freshly-fried negi croquettes→Isa rice burger
Spring experiences: Planting rice fields, etc.
Summer experiences: harvesting summer vegetables, making seasonal summer vegetable pizzas, etc.
Autumn experiences: harvesting rice, etc.
Winter experiences: making homemade mochi, etc.

Basic Information

Address 895-2701 鹿児島県伊佐市菱刈前目675-2
Business Days/ Hours Year-round
Fee Food and farm experience 8,000 yen~/person
- Seasonal farming experience (or cooking lesson) & Isa Rice Burger and drink mealtime

*Included in cost : Farming experience (or cooking lesson) Includes plan, Isa Rice Burger and drink set.

*Not included in cost :
- Extra charges may be incurred for large group venues.
- You can order additional food at the Container Village at your own expense.
- English on-site guide: When you need it, please contact; kagoshimatravelguide@kagoshima-kankou.com

*Payment methods : Money transfer / Cash / E-money (PayPay)
Group size 4 and up / Up to 20
Application deadline 2 weeks prior
Other conditions *Schedule : 3 hours (approx.)

*Cancellation Policy :
Cancellation date (calculated from reservation date) / Cancellation fee
- 2 day prior / 50%
- 1 day prior / 80%
- Same-day / 100%
Directions By car 
from Airport ... 35㎞・45min.
from Kirishima Onsenkyo... 35㎞・50min.
from Kagoshima City ... 70㎞・70min.
Website Instagram
Social media Instagram
Notes Hosted by Container Village (Ms. Habu)
  • 駐車場
  • トイレ


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