Kirishima Open Air Museum (霧島アートの森)

Come use all five senses and enjoy the magnificent artwork enveloped in Kirishima's nature.

Kirishima Area Museum

The Kirishima Open Air Museum is a modern art museum surrounded by the rich nature of Kirishima.
Not only are there exhibitions held within the museum but there is also a great variation of outdoor exhibitions offered, making good use of the extensive gounds area.
Outside, the 13 hectares area (roughly 32 acres) is spotted with about 22 works of art.
The works displayed outdoors are all original ideas and pieces from efforts made by domestic and international artists who actually visited this site.
Further, while walking along a 2km-garden trail visitors may touch or even sit on the pieces and appreciate the art directly.

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県姶良郡湧水町木場6340-220
Telephone Number 0995-74-5945
Business Days/ Hours Business Hours
[Time] 9:00am~5:00pm

Business Hours
[Notes] admission ending at 16:30 ※Hours are extended during summer

Closed days

Closed days
29 Dec - 2 Jan
Fee Adults ¥320(Adults)
Students ¥210(High school/University/College students)
Elementary school students ¥150(Elementary/Junior high school students)
Directions From Kagoshima Chuo Station:
JR Limited Express Hayato no Kaze (80 min.) + Local scheduled bus (20 min.)
Train Route: Kagoshima Chuo Station ⇒ JR Hisatsusen - "Kurino Station" ⇒ Yusui Town Furusato Bus - "Kirishima Art Forest" bus stop.

From Kagoshima Airport:
Airport Bus (30 min.) + Local scheduled bus (20 min.)
Airport Route: Kagoshima Airport ⇒ Nangoku Transportation (Okuchi・Minamita-bound) - "Ikiiki Countryside Center" bus stop ⇒ Yusui Town Furusato Bus - "Kirishima Art Forest" bus stop.
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