Horse Trust Well-being Experience (ホーストラストWell-being体験)

Get up close and personal with horses happily living out the rest of their lives as horses

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The Horse Trust takes care of retired horses and helps them to live comfortably in an environment similar to their wild habitat. Their efforts are attracting attention both in Japan and abroad. Horses living free from stress in a day/night grazing system, which is quite rare, have lively, stress-free and secure expressions. They are friendly and very curious as well. The representative of the program, Mr. Eiji Konishi, is a pioneer who has contributed to support efforts for retired horses in Japan for many years. In this program, it is possible directly discuss Horse Trust efforts with Mr. Konishi and the current situation of retired horses. He will also show you around the far, which is not usually open to the public. You can see Sakurajima Kinko Bay from a distance or get up close and personal with horses living happily in a vast pasture with beautiful woods, forests, and grasslands. This is a program that allows you to experience healing and awareness through interaction with the horses of the Horse Trust.

Can accommodate both short and long experiences. Activities like horse riding and camping cars available for longer visits.

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県姶良郡湧水町木場6340番地70
Business Days/ Hours Year-round
Fee A. Hiking with a Horse Whisperer *Hiking only : 16,000 yen~/person
- 2 hours
- 2-8 people
- Twice/day, Start time: 10:00am, 13:00pm
- Meet at Kirishima Art Farm Reception
- Explanation of Horse Trust’s history and safety protocols. Hiking with Mr. Konishi around the 4 ranches, meeting and interacting with horses along the way (you’ll aim for the ranch at the highest elevation for a stunning view, walking through pastures with ups and downs, go through a forested area, and make your descent)
*Please note that other staff may guide you depending on the circumstances.

B. Special event Early morning horse patrol: 5,000 yen~/person
- 1hours
- 1-4 people
- 8:10 Meet at Kirishima Art Farm Reception
- In this special event, you can join Horse Trust staff in their morning horse patrol, checking on the horses and learning about them and their environment along the way. You’ll be taken around the ranch in the Horse Trust vehicle.

C. Horse Day-Camp : Starts at 20,000 yen~/ Rental fee per group
- 10:00am ~ 17:00pm
- Enjoy a private camping site free area next to the Horse Trust Ranch. Here, you can watch the horses all day. Kirishima Art Forest is also within walking distance, where you can view contemporary art (entry fee for Kirishima Art Forest not included) Amenities: sofa, bed, cooler box, kitchenette, utensils, coffee and tea, etc. *There is a public toilet in the nearby park.

D. Horse Day-Camp + BBQ : Starts at 52,000 yen~
- C. Horse Day-Camp+ BBQ per group ( (local ingredients barbecue set for about 5people)
*Price will change depending on the volume and type of ingredients; please inquire directly.
*Drinks are not included.

*Payment methods: Money transfer /Cash / Credit card system pending (TBA)
Group size 2 and up / Up to 10
Application deadline 2 weeks prior
Other conditions *Cancellation Policy : Cancellation date / Cancellation fee
- Same-day / 100%
Where to apply Email: 
or click the "Book here" button on this page.
Directions By car 
from Airport... 37㎞・45min.
from Kirishima Onsenkyo... 17㎞・35min.
from Kagoshima City...    68㎞・70min.
Website Website
Kirishima Art Ranch (Horse Trekking)
Social media Facebook
Notes - Supported languages: Japanese, English
- Possible even in light rain (please bring rainwear)
- Experiences for elementary school students and up (No child pricing); please inquire directly about young children
- Sandals and skirts are not permitted for horse riding programs. Please consult with us about appropriate clothing prior to booking.

Hosted by Horse Trust/GP Farm


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