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Japan's oldest document with the word "shochu" written on it was found at Koriyama Hachiman Shrine in Isa City, which means it is believed that this area may have been the birthplace of shochu in Japan. The Oguchi Shuzo Brewery was formed through the merger of 11 breweries in Isa City, the birthplace of shochu, and produces popular brands such as "Kuroisanishiki," a representative Kagoshima shochu. In this tour, you will learn about Kagoshima shochu production at the Oguchi Shochu Brewery, taste some of the brands, and enjoy cocktails recommended by the "Shochu Girls," a group of female employees of the brewery.

Participants will receive an original apron or T-shirt from the brewery. In September and October, visitors can also view the impressive preparation of sweet potatoes, the raw material for shochu.

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県伊佐市田中1660
Telephone Number 0995-26-5500
Business Days/ Hours Year-round 
*Best in September and October
*Unavailable periods: July-mid-August 2023, New Year’s holidays
Fee 5,500 yen~/person

- DVD viewing (30min.) : You’ll learn about shochu brewing in an English-language DVD.

- Brewery guide (30min.) :A guide will tell you about Oguchi Brewery and how shochu is made. They will also show you the different machines used to make shochu during the tour’s season.

- Shochu tasting bar (30min.) : You’ll try Oguchi Brewery’s different shochu brands. You’ll also taste test the brewery’s recommended shochu mixers and cocktails. You also have the option to try them with pairing snacks.

- Shopping (Free time) : You can purchase Oguchi Brewery's different shochu brands and shochu-related goods. You also have the option to shop at other stores for Isa's regional goods.

*Included in cost: Brewery tour, guide fees (Japanese), shochu tasting bar, shochu, refreshments, apron or t-shirt, small gift

*Not included in cost: Items purchased at the shop. English on-site guide. (When you need it, please contact;

*Payment methods: Money transfer / Cash / Credit card / E-money (PayPay, etc.)
Group size 1 and up / Up to 15
Application deadline 1 week prior
Where to apply E-mail: (Japanese only) / Ms.Hayashi or Mr. Kanda
Directions By car 
from Airport...  36㎞・40min.
from Kirishima Onsenkyo... 40㎞・55min.
from Kagoshima City...    71㎞・70min.
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