Canoe experience in the spectacular Sogi Falls area

Experience the Impressive Sogi Falls and its Surrounds by Canoe

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The Kirishima mountain range, from which springs flow into the Sendai River, is home to the Sogi Waterfall located midstream. With a width of 210 meters and a height of 12 meters, the waterfall presents a grand scale. You can canoe down the river around this waterfall, aiming for the popular Sogi Power Station Ruins Point, a nostalgic landscape. It’s a tour where you can relax in the great outdoors.
We also welcome wheelchair users. Our experienced and specialized guides will assist you.
In the surrounding area, we can also introduce you to experiences with wild herbs and medicinal plants, as well as dining options. Please enjoy your visit.

Contents / Overview
For the 60-minute course, we enter the Sendai River from downstream of Sogi Falls. We aim for the remains of the Sogi Falls Power Station, a hydroelectric power station that was active around the late 1800s, by canoe or SUP.
For the 120-minute course, we land on the riverbank halfway and enjoy a cafe time in nature.

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県伊佐市大口宮人628-41
Telephone Number 0995-28-1928(※電話に出られない場合が多いので、ご連絡はメールにてお願いします。)
Business Days/ Hours July-November
(Unavailable periods : December-June)
Fee 60-minute course: 11,000 yen/person
120-minute course: 15,000 yen/person

*Included in cost : Guide fees, river activity fees, insurance, café time refreshments
*Not included in cost : Towels, sandals, wetsuits are not provided.
Group size 2 and up / Up to 20
Application deadline 2 weeks prior
Other conditions *Cancellation Policy :
Cancellation date (calculated from reservation date) / Cancellation fee
3 days prior to same day / 50%
Where to apply Email:
*When making a reservation, please fill in the following information as it is necessary for insurance, etc. Each person’s ①Full name, ②Age, ③Gender (Male/Female/Unknown), ④Nationality, ⑤Passport No., ⑥Height
Directions By car 
from Airport ...40㎞・45min.
from Kirishima Onsenkyo... 41㎞・60min.
from Kagoshima City ...75㎞・80min.
Website Sogi Falls Park
Sogi Power Plant Ruins
Notes Supported Languages: Japanese and simple English

※Due to bad weather, river water levels, environmental conditions, etc., we may have to unavoidably cancel or suggest an experience in another location. In such cases, we will contact you by the day before.

※In Isa City, in addition to the Sogi Falls area, there are two other places where you can experience canoeing (the “Jisso Pond Area” and the “Hishikari Canoe Competition Venue”).

※Just in case, it would be safe to prepare towels and a change of clothes (socks, shoes).


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