Ultimate Kurobuta (Black Pork) Course Meal in a Farmhouse Setting (天空の牧場で食べる究極の黒豚堪能コース「沖田黒豚牧場」)

Enjoy Kurobuta (Black Pork) at Okita Farm, a quality Farm-to-table Kurobuta Producer

Kirishima Area Gourmet

This pure Kurobuta pork was bred not with a focus on quantity but on quality, choosing to raise their stock in an open pasture under the open sky. The taste is unparalleled by any other and is celebrated both inside and outside of Japan. In this satisfying course, you can enjoy such Kurobuta pork in popular forms such as shabu-shabu hot pot, steak, pork cutlet, and so on. It is also served with Isa City's specialty rice, which is known as the rice-producing center of Kagoshima's Satsuma region. You'll love this course if you want to taste high-quality Kurobuta pork that can only be Japan, all while relaxing in the pasture's vicinity, which is unobstructed by manmade structures.

Okita Ranch is a farm-to-table company that delivers delicious, high-quality farm-to-table products. The third-generation chef and his family have carefully preserved the spirit of the first-generation chef, Hayao Okita, who was called the God of Kurobuta Pork. Okita Farm's Kurobuta pork is a must-try when you come to Japan.

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県伊佐市大口田代1558-66
Telephone Number 0995-28-2408(*Japanese only)
Business Days/ Hours Year-round but only available on weekdays
Fee ■Okita Ranch Kurobuta Pork Course : 16,000 yen~/person
(*Ranch Minshuku Guest House NODAKA Venue Rental)
Welcome drink, side dish, shabu shabu hot pot, Kurobuta pork steak, Kurobuta pork tonkatsu (example), dessert, after-dinner drink. The restaurant will be fully rented from around 12p.m. to 3p.m. You're also free to explore the restaurant area to take a break.

■Free-flow drinks with the above course : 8,000 yen~/person
Drinks during your visit (beer, wine, shochu, cocktails; dish and drink pairing advice from the chef also available)
Group size 5 and up / Up to 15
Application deadline 1 week prior
Other conditions *Cancellation Policy : Cancellation date (calculated from reservation date) / Cancellation fee
3 days prior / 50%
2 days prior / 80%
Same day / 100%
Where to apply Email: 13.daisaku@gmail.com (*English OK)
Directions By car 
from Airport... 47㎞, 60min.
from Kirishima Onsenkyo... 50㎞, 70min.
from Kagoshima City... 82㎞, 90min.
Website Website
Social media Instagram
Notes Hosted by Nodoka -Ranch Minshuku Guest House Restaurant-
Reservation manager : Mr. Daisaku Okita


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